What Is A Brand?

Can You Avoid Being Branded?

Competition Removal.™

A brand is simply an idea that your customer, investor, or potential employer has about you or your product in their mind. A brand can be a person, place, or thing—or rather the idea we have about a person, place, or thing.

"He drives a Bentley; he must be _______."

Maybe he's rich and maybe he just stole it. It really doesn't matter; branding is a battle of perceptions, not reality.

You can't turn off someone's mind—they are going to judge you, categorize you, and position you. You must control the process!


Don't let the market, investors, or your potential boss brand you—consciously brand yourself or your product, then walk them through why you are clearly the better choice than the competition.

Competition Removal is the art and science of beating your competition through brand innovation and differentiation rather than trying to compete head-to-head.


Companies and individuals that compete head-to-head on product specs or price become commodities. Limelight helps you develop a powerful value proposition that resonates both emotionally and rationally so you become the first and obvious choice.

When you compare an iPhone and Samsung on paper, the Samsung wins. So why does everyone want an iPhone?



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