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Limelight helps you turn your new idea, or even yourself into a successful business brand.

Whether you're a start-up, small business, or aspiring individual, your brand represents who you are and why you matter. It's the very idea others have about you. Your brand is the reason why investors, customers, or employers choose you over the competition. To succeed  today, you've got to build a better corporate, personal and professional brand.


Everyone knows branding is critical to success, but the big question is, "How do you actually build a better brand?"

Limelight is the world's first online Brand Builder that walks you step-by-step through developing a brand with a true competitive advantage. It's a proven process for developing and maintaining a stand-out brand from Name to Pitch.


It today's over-saturated market, everyone needs to learn how to stand out and get noticed. Give yourself a competitive advantage—get started building a better brand now.

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Powerful Results

Patent Pending

 Limelight  walks you through the critial process of branding with simple and engaging video-based lessons. Real-world examples make building your brand easier, plus share ideas and get feedback from trusted associates or your social networks.

Limelight results in a one-page Master Summary that defines every aspect of your start-up, business, or personal brand, including: your brand's physical attributes, colors, differentiators, value proposition, powerful Twitter and Elevator Pitches, and more.

Years in development, Limelight uses unmatched expertise from some of the world's most innovative branders, and a one-of-a-kind process to help start-ups, small businesses, or individuals gain a real competitive advantage in today's hyper-competitive market.

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Build your brand idea then get it funded!

Helps Start-Ups Start

Limelight is passionate about helping start-ups actually start. Limelight donates 10% of every dollar directly to help start-ups launch and small business grow successfully.


Discover how others are building powerful  brands using Limelight.

"Branding is about experience - the experience you create for your audience. You can't just design a smart logo, craft a catchy tag line or settle on a strong color palette.  You need to understand what your company is in business to do and how to translate that to the real world.  And that requires understanding, knowledge and discipline to figure out.  Limelight is the environment where that all can happen. It provides the platform that supports your learning process, and  gives you the education you need to build - and sustain - a great brand. "


—Brian Reich | Managing Director, Little m Media and author of "Media Rules!"

"The importance of “Branding,” although recognized by many, is misunderstood by most. Limelight, unlike any other product, not only guides you through the process of establishing your brand, but equally as important, teaches the user the major importance of each of the elements involved in the process. And it does so in a clear, concise and efficient manner. Easily understood, highly impactful!!!"


—Phil Fennell | Owner, SalonWired.com

"Your personal brand is your capital. Limelight is a great tool that helps our VPs and therapist not only add value to their personal brands, but just as importantly, bring their brands in alignment with our corporate brand."


—Billie Jo Nutter | COO, EnduraCare AC

"The Limelight Branding Course should be a requirement for every start-up. If you can't clearly explain your category, product position, and why your idea is truly different, you'll never raise a cent. Limelight forces you to get focused and get real about turning your idea into a lasting business."


—Kris Harcourt | Founder, Vector Capital

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